Personal & Non-Business Mediation

Personal disputes come in all shapes and sizes as many of us have experienced.

You might have a problem with your neighbour who, for example, is using a private garage for industrial purposes causing noise and fumes which interfere with the quiet enjoyment of your property. Or you may have a boundary dispute where fencing has been moved or where tall trees have spread over your property and roots are causing your terrace to lift or where branches are threatening damage to your house if not maintained.

Family probate issues have increased substantially in recent years involving will challenges, the behaviour of Executors or some beneficiaries seeking to gain an advantage over others. The cost of dealing with these disputes through the court can be prohibitive but very often high costs and the corresponding delays to dealing with an Estate can be avoided by the parties agreeing to mediate.

Private contract disputes, consumer rights and personal injury claims may all benefit from mediation by avoiding the high cost of litigation and the inevitable time delays that always apply to court proceedings. Workplace disputes can often be resolved through early mediation rather than escalating the problem to an official tribunal.

Court and tribunal options will always be available – even if mediation doesn’t succeed – but more and more people are recognising that mediation can be conducted speedily and at much lower cost so that they can get on with their lives again without the aggravation of a lengthy court process.

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