What Does Mediation Cost?

The fees for conducting a Mediation are almost always significantly lower than the costs of going to Court.  Fees will vary, depending on the type of dispute, the number of parties involved and, where applicable, on the overall value of the dispute.

For example, where the dispute has no recognisable claim value because it involves, say, a dispute with a neighbour over trees or boundary fences, a fee will be quoted on your initial enquiry.  Similarly, where the dispute arises for example in family proceedings where a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is required by the Court, fees will be quoted in line with the recognised schedule and you may even be entitled to Legal Aid to cover part or all of those fees.

In many disputes where a claim value is indicated – for example in a claim for business breach of contract, or a personal injury claim or a Probate Estate claim – mediation fees will be based on the total of the Claim Value plus any Counterclaim Value.  Fees will also vary depending on whether the Mediation is conducted in person, ie face-to-face, or via Zoom video conference link. Video conference is slightly less expensive.

So that you will have a more transparent understanding of how fees are calculated, we have included a chart below which seeks to identify both the type and (where appropriate) the value of dispute, as well as the number of parties and whether the Mediation is conducted face-to-face or via Zoom video link. Fees allow for a whole day (normally 8 hours) but if the day extends by an hour or so to finally settle those last outstanding points, we will not charge for additional time.

If the Mediation is face-to-face, then depending on where in the country the mediation will take place, there may be a small travel cost if the mediation venue is quite a distance from our Berkshire base (this can often be included in the fee however). In a situation where a mediation is actually underway and negotiations are close to settling but cannot be completed even in an extended day, if we have to stay overnight to complete negotiations the following day, there may be a small charge for overnight accommodation. We will of course confirm all costs prior to booking.

In every case, we will give you a written quotation for fees in advance, whatever type of mediation your situation may require.  If you are not sure what type of mediation your circumstances may fall under or if you feel your circumstances require a special quotation, please get in touch with us – by email, telephone or the contact button below – and we will be happy to prepare cost figures for you when we have a clear understanding of what the mediation will entail.

Our fees are designed to provide a fair and proper reflection of the importance of the dispute and the work involved.  We believe they represent the best value available – and don’t forget, we offer a Free Initial Consultation in all cases, so getting in touch to help you understand how mediation could solve your problems, doesn’t cost you anything!  Simply click on the button below.

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