Online Mediation

Mediation has always been a predominantly face-to-face process. During the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic however, the only way mediation meetings could be conducted was by video conference – and now that personal meetings are once again possible (subject to proper safeguards), video conferencing is still proving to be as popular as ever.

There are many advantages of course. Fees are typically lower and travel time can be reduced or eliminated. Perhaps one of the main advantages of video meetings however is that the parties do not have to leave their homes or their offices – something that many feel has the beneficial effect of putting them more at ease. It is also possible to link several parties from different locations and this can mean, for example, that if parties are legally represented their lawyers too can join the meeting from their own offices.

Video conferencing software is constantly being updated and we monitor changes to make sure we are using the latest technology. We currently use the Zoom Pro platform. This means that you only need to download the free version of Zoom onto your computer and our invitation will link you to our system without further technical requirements on your part.

Zoom also offers, in virtual format, the same privacy and confidentiality as a personal face-to-face meeting. The software provides private ‘rooms’ where the Mediator can confidentially discuss the case with each of the parties without being overheard.

If you have any questions about using Zoom for your mediation, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to reassure you on any concerns you may have.

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