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Dialogue is the life-blood of your organisation, essential for survival and also for the vitality to grow and develop.

At Impact Mediation we specialise in creating a tailor made seamless approach to combat the issues associated with workplace conflict. Through assessment, evaluation, action planning and on going support, Impact Mediation will design and implement practical solutions to address individuals' needs and organisations' specific requirements.

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What People Say...

“I cannot believe that after several months of living with stress and conflict one days mediation transformed my working environment I no longer feel angry, isolated and undermined thanks to the mediation process instead of avoiding work and phoning in sick I am happy to work through the challenges my work load brings”

Manager in residential Care

“Thank you Impact Mediation . Your advice line saved the day “ Newly qualified Social worker child protection “

“Anyone who feels victimesed, stressed and isolated should use mediation its so quick and effective , I felt empowered, in control and able to see the wood for the trees which helped me to form a new realationship with my work collugue”

Retail Assistant

We Support Age Support

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Case Study

Case Study...

Mediation Case Study

Alice a manager in a large retail high street chain recently returned to work after maternity leave. Jan - her work colleague and close friend - had been given the responsibility of covering Alice's workload whilst she was on leave.Read More